How much do Certified Nursing Assistants Make?

How much a certified nursing assistant makes depends on a variety of factors, such as location and employer

The work of a certified nursing assistant can be described as backbreaking, complicated and full of trials. It requires you to provide the required support for licensed or registered nurses in the field of patient care. Most of the time, these patients are senior citizens or individuals afflicted with severe injuries or illnesses. The services that the nursing aide often renders consist of bathing, dressing and feeding these persons. Additional services also encompass taking temperatures, blood pressure and checking pulses. You will work under the tutelage of LPNs and RNs.

Information on CNA Compensation from the BLS

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics disclosed five years ago that the standard rate per hour of this medical worker was pegged at $11.50 or an average yearly compensation of $23,920. The bottom ten percent of these nursing assistants made less than $9 for each hour of service. The highest-paid certified nursing assistant earned $15 very hour. In 2008, Pay Scale revealed that the median hourly rate was a little above $12 for those with more than 20 years of experience. Meanwhile, All Allied Health School stated that the annual rate went up to as high as $29,800 during that time.

In May 2011, the BLS reported a regular pay of $12.22 or $25,420 for the past year. There was a significant difference between the highest and lowest wage-earners. More than 10% of nursing assistants brought home $8.68 every hour or less. The other 10% earned $16.91 for each hour or more. Overall, this was roughly $18,060 annually at the rear of the scale and $35,170 at the higher end. The median wage income was $11.63 per hour, or $24,190 per year.

Employers of CNAs

The government also stated that so far, nurse care clinics are the biggest employers of nursing aide practitioners and paid nursing assistants roughly $11.76 every hour. This was followed by large hospitals which gave relatively big compensation at $13 per hour. The third was community care centers for old people, paying $11.31 every hour on the national level. The highest-paid nursing assistant is employed in scientific research institutions. This is an average of $17.75, while the federal government has a salary range of $17.23 per hour. The education sector has an ongoing rate of $15.48 every hour.

The Factor of Location

The compensation of nursing assistants is also dependent on demand, location, standard of living and prevailing minimum wages in the community. Based on BLS figures, Alaska has the maximum average salary at $16.68 per hour. This state is followed by New York which is at $15.30 while Nevada is third with $15.20. On the contrary, Mississippi pays nursing assistants only $9.56 per hour. Louisiana and Arkansas pay $9.92 and $10.04 respectively.

All in all, employment opportunities for the certified nursing assistant are relatively positive. This may be stimulated by the expansion of the health-care sector and by the age of baby boomers which is expected to increase requirements for nursing care facilities personnel. The government forecasts employment growth rate of 20% percent between now and 2020 or a total of more than 300,000 positions.