Free CNA Classes: Are They Available and How Do I Find Them?

Are you interested in becoming a certified nursing assistant, but do not have the financial resources to help you achieve your dream? It is possible to obtain free CNA training or scholarships for these types of programs.

The career of a certified nursing assistant continues to thrive and is expected to grow because of the retirement factor in the near future. In fact, free certified nursing assistant programs are being offered to inspire younger people to opt for this career. This move is meant to address the increasing demand for more workers in this sector.

How to Obtain Free CNA Programs

Free nursing assistant programs are offered to individuals who lack financial resources. Various local hospitals in different states and cities give out scholarship grants to deserving students. These can even include licensure examinations in case you come to an understanding with the institution that decides to subsidize your schooling. It is a win-win situation for both parties since the hospital gets an employee while you benefit from sponsored education.

There are hospitals and nursing clinics which forge partnerships with nursing colleges and local schools so qualified aspirants can study to become a CNA for free. More facilities are inclined to hire a certified nursing assistant because of their lower salaries compared to registered nurses. You can expect guaranteed employment when you submit an application for scholarship in these facilities. The only requirements are that you finish the program and pass the license test.

Free CNA training is also provided by assisted living units and homes for the elderly for eligible young individuals. These senior domiciles usually advertise these courses in the Internet and print publications. Applicants must be at least 18 years old, without any criminal record, possess a high school diploma or have passed the GED successfully, and have fundamental skills in English and mathematics.

Capable students will undergo 120 hours of classroom instruction and clinical setting. You can also expect homework and hands-on training with patients. The certified nursing assistant is obligated to work for a specific period equivalent to one calendar year as a contract prerequisite for not paying any tuition fees. The employee may be required to repay part or the full cost of the course for failure to honor this obligation.

The department of health in most states offer certified nursing assistant classes with 100% tuition scholarships for impoverished students. The states of Arkansas and Oklahoma have provided cash grants and free tuition to help students obtain nursing assistant certification. Likewise, the United States Armed Forces has allocated a budget for spouses of active servicemen who choose to pursue a CNA course. Upon graduation, the successful students will work as members of the military medical group.

Certification and Licensure Programs for CNAs

CNA jobs are among the ideal entry-level positions in the medical industry. The Department of Health and Human Services forecasts that demand for the position is projected to go up by over 40% within the next decade. New certified nursing assistants can hope to earn between $10 and $16 per hour. These healthcare experts are not registered nurses. Nonetheless, these people can carry out fundamental medical care. These include personal hygiene and monitoring body functions such as temperature and heart beats. Many nurse aides begin careers at this point with the intention of becoming an LPN or RN in the future, and certified nursing assistant classes are the starting point. The certified nursing assistant can pursue advanced studies that will lead to a degree in nursing.