Facts about being a Certified Nursing Assistant

It is important to get as much accurate information as you can about the certified nursing assistant profession if you are interested in becoming one.

There is a multitude of information that you need to know regarding the certified nursing assistant. For the most part, the CNA works under the supervision of a registered nurse and is tasked mainly with taking care of patients, majority of whom are old people. This medical worker monitors the progress of these elderly folks and reports the progress to doctors or nurses. There is a big demand for nursing assistants at the moment. It is necessary to finish the required nurse assistant training which is a requirement for the licensure test.

The duration of this program is up to12 weeks. It is made up of theory and clinical orientation which requires actual care for patients. Sessions depend on the prearranged schedule. Training cost is estimated at $800 to $1,000 for the curriculum alone. You also have to pay for textbooks and other miscellaneous expenses. There are facilities that offer free training provided you agree to work for that organization as soon as you obtain your license.

Compulsory Written and Performance Tests for CNAs

There are mandatory written exams and performance tests which assesses the skills of the apprentice nursing aide. This proficiency includes the following:

  • Proper procedure of washing hands when taking care of your patients
  • Take note of pulse rates
  • Taking down the blood pressure using the sphygmomanometer
  • Keep track of temperature levels
  • Bathing and dressing patients

This acute care nurse aide or technician may also be assigned to conduct glucose meter tests, insert urinary catheters, assist patients in getting up, install equipment, and take care of supplies.

These are some of the tests which determine the competence of the nursing assistant. Applicants need to take the performance test once again in case of a failing mark. Upon successful completion of both tests, a certificate is issued to the candidate who can now work as a full-fledged Certified Nursing Assistant. This certification is legally binding in the issuing state but not in other states unless it is declared as acceptable for all.

Certification Requirement for Nursing Assistants

All CNAs have to file for renewal of certificates every two years. This entails regular practice for eight hours on a daily basis. There are online programs and exams making it more convenient for all hopefuls. These courses are more expensive so you need to research on relevant information before signing up. Examinations are normally composed of oral and written tests as well as tests of skills.
CNA courses serve as preparation for four-year courses in nursing. Besides, these are financially rewarding because demand for the profession goes up consistently. There are states which offer layered licensing systems like the levels 1 and 2 CNA. In this case, certified nursing assistants are limited on tasks depending on their licenses. Some other state governments oblige nursing assistants to file their respective names with the local registry board upon securing the state license. On the whole, many states ask the certified nurse aide to renew his or her license by taking part in continuous education assignments.