CNA Schools

To become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), you have to undergo an intensive training that will last for about four to six weeks.

Make sure that the CNA training programs you are considering are under recognized CNA schools for you to be able to work in reputable hospitals and clinics. Enrolling in such a program costs a few thousand dollars but the government can lend financial assistance to deserving students. After the training, a competency examination will be given to assess theoretical and practical skills. Becoming a CNA is also a springboard to advance into the field of proper nursing. Before deciding whether to start as a CNA or turning it into a long term career, you need to research thoroughly about the roles of a CNA. Identify whether the responsibilities will fit your expectations. After which, you will then need to choose a school to enrol in. Below is the list of CNA schools which can serve as your guide in pursuing your CNA career.

Kaplan University

Kaplan University is a well-known school to offer online programs on short courses. With over 170 programs available, Kaplan prepares its students for everything that is needed in the fields of Medical Assisting and Health Information Technology. Kaplan recognizes that the global word is dependent on technology, especially the health sector. Among the programs offered by Kaplan are AAS in Medical Assisting, AAS in Health IT, AAS in Medical Office Management, and AAS in Medical Transcription.

Keiser University

Keiser University is also an accredited institution with over 80 programs in the fields of business and health. Keiser offers AS in Medical Assisting and AS in Health Services. The former provides students with endless opportunities in pursuing a career in health care or to be a part of hospitals or other medical environments. The latter, on the other hand, trains students in handling both business and health service administration.

University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix has also earned its reputation not only because of its numerous program offerings (more than 200) and the competency of its faculty and curriculum, but also because its graduates have succeeded in their chosen careers. The Associate’s degree in Healthcare trains students in various health organizations, structures and policies, while the Associate’s degree in Medical Records gives students different opportunities to work in all types of jobs related to healthcare.

Herzing University

Herzing University is included in the list of most trusted institutions offering online programs for healthcare. They have over 45 programs in different fields in Master’s, Bachelor’s, and Associate’s degrees. They are specializing in courses like Medical Assisting, Health Information Management, Medical Billing and Coding, and Medical Office Administration.

When choosing an online CNA program, it is crucial that you choose the most trusted and most reputable. The performance of the CNA schools depends on their ability to place their students in employment after all the trainings and examinations. Also, consider their facilities and the competitiveness of their curriculum, as well as the teaching abilities of their faculty. Conduct your research before enrolling into any online CNA programs.