Facts about being a Certified Nursing Assistant

It is important to get as much accurate information as you can about the certified nursing assistant profession if you are interested in becoming one. There is a multitude of information that you need to know regarding the certified nursing assistant. For the most part, the CNA works under the supervision of a registered nurse […]

How much do Certified Nursing Assistants Make?

How much a certified nursing assistant makes depends on a variety of factors, such as location and employer The work of a certified nursing assistant can be described as backbreaking, complicated and full of trials. It requires you to provide the required support for licensed or registered nurses in the field of patient care. Most […]

Certified Nursing Assistant Qualifications

Individuals who are interested in pursuing a career as a certified nursing assistant must complete the required training and pass the certification exam. The certified nursing assistant is called a variety of terminologies such as nurse aide, home health assistant and orderly. The title does not matter but the immense responsibility that this medical professional […]

Free CNA Classes: Are They Available and How Do I Find Them?

Are you interested in becoming a certified nursing assistant, but do not have the financial resources to help you achieve your dream? It is possible to obtain free CNA training or scholarships for these types of programs. The career of a certified nursing assistant continues to thrive and is expected to grow because of the […]

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant

Those in interested in building a career in the healthcare industry may want to consider becoming a certified nursing assistant. This path offers career growth for individuals who are up to the challenge. Is it your dream to become a certified nursing assistant? The CNA is a professional worker in the healthcare industry that takes […]

How to Get a CNA Certificate

Aspiring certified nursing assistants must prepare for the certification examination if they wish to pursue this career. Have you been let go from your previous job? Are you a fresh high school graduate with no clue as to what course you are going to take up in college? Are you frustrated because you were not […]

Certified Nursing Assistant Training

It is possible to work in the healthcare industry even without a medical or nursing degree. You can become a certified nursing assistant by undergoing training with recognized schools. As the medical industry evolves, the demand for more health workers continues to increase. Today, even if you do not hold a nursing or medical degree, […]

Online CNA Classes

Choosing quality CNA schools guarantee you of a safe landing in the field of medical care. Certified Nursing Assistant programs have become a starting course for those who want to pursue a certified nursing career in the future, which is why online nursing assistant classes have also become increasingly popular. Imagine the savings in terms […]

CNA Schools

To become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), you have to undergo an intensive training that will last for about four to six weeks. Make sure that the CNA training programs you are considering are under recognized CNA schools for you to be able to work in reputable hospitals and clinics. Enrolling in such a program […]

What are Certified Nursing Assistants and What Do They Do?

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) works in the medical field in places like clinics, hospitals or laboratories. Certified Nursing Assistants work under the supervision of a Registered Nurse or a Licensed Practical Nurse. In general, they perform the same duties regardless of the place of their assignment. They are usually the ones assigned to do […]